Mentions Data

Mentions: the number of times a stock symbol (ticker) appears in a social media post or comment.

Current Mention Rate: the number of mentions in the last 15 minutes times 4 to approximate the current number of mentions per hour rate.

Average Mentions Per Hour: The average number of mentions per hour of this ticker symbol over the last 24 hour period (or other period covered).

Total Mentions: the total amount of mentions of a ticker symbol in a period.

Mentions Prior Hour: the total number of mentions of a ticker symbol in the hour prior to the current hour. Useful to compare the current mentions per hour to the prior mentions per hour to see how the trend is developing.

Mentions Today: The number of mentions of a ticker symbol in the current day (or the day covered by the chart period).


We cover all listed United States shares AND OTC/penny stocks.

We currently cover:

– the entire comment and submission stream of Reddit in real-time

Plus, we pull extra detailed information from the following sub-reddits:
– wallstreetbets
– investing

– we cover the entire tweet universe in real-time looking for cashtags.

– we actively filter bots and spam out of our dataset to focus on analysis of comments made by real people.