Top Reddit r/wallstreetbet Posts on 2021-05-08

Last updated:2021-05-09 7:55PM Eastern

SOL – ReneSola Ltd.

SLIM – Obesity ETF

DOGE – DogeCoin

  • If you’re one of the absolute nutters who has invested your life savings into DOGE, please do yourself a favour and set your sell limit to $0.98 not $1! Score: 105
  • Potential shocks to financial stability from Federal Reserve May’21 Score: 35
  • BTC – Bitcoin

    VRA – Vera Bradley Designs, Inc.

    AMC – AMC Entertainment

  • Together as one! We will have our tendies! AMC 💯K 🚀🚀🚀🌔🌔🌔 Score: 908
  • Alliance Bernstein increases AMC position by 4,324% Score: 393
  • Chance The Rapper on Twitter this is a game changer for AMC Score: 228
  • You know that guy who bought TLRY, CHPT, and MARA all at $40? Yeah, that’s me ;( But let’s hope those 3000 shares of AMC get me wet Score: 133
  • Here’s an update on our growing #AMCArmy following Silverback Adam Aron. If you’re like me and love the stock, Show your support for AMC and let’s get him to 100K! 🦍🦍🦍🚀🚀 Score: 119
  • $AMC Spotted in Orange County, CA Score: 86
  • Post squeeze: We should look into purchasing the Cinerama Dome as a gift to AMC. Score: 53
  • New Orleans Ape here. AMC on the super dome! Score: 43
  • Have you all seen a hedgie made Silver or Gold ad recently? Score: 31
  • AMC to 100? Score: 21
  • GME – GameStop Corp.

  • GME 2½: The smell of pointless memeing Score: 15739
  • Quit my job and made some cake $GME Score: 242
  • If you’re one of the absolute nutters who has invested your life savings into DOGE, please do yourself a favour and set your sell limit to $0.98 not $1! Score: 105
  • Inflation affects to pm and why GME share holders diluted to pay of GME debt ( this action done before Inflation came and is this coincidence or perfect foresight of gme shareholders ( All my humble imho no financial advice ) Score: 30
  • What’s AMC current floor? Score: 15
  • Ex Market Maker Ape calls it Business, not necessarily Manipulation Score: 13
  • Movie-Theater Stocks Leap Despite Quarterly Losses — Score: 10
  • A graphic image showing the effects of dumping gains into a cause to fight with my fellow apes 🦍 GME & AMC to the bitter end Score: 9
  • GME vote Score: 8
  • Options Prices During A Short Squeeze Score: 8
  • CAKE – The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated

    LINK – Interlink Electronics Inc

    ETH – Etherium

  • Update: Applied Blockchain (APLD)…Updated EBITDA 2021 estimate with ETH at $3500 is $55,160,000. Current Market cap is $16,384,786. New appointed BOD member Chuck Hastings, CEO of Riley Wealth Mgmnt (Nasdaq: RILY). More major news imminent! PPS up @100% since first DD. Significant upside remains! Score: 8
  • TEL – TE Connectivity Ltd

    TSLA – Tesla, Inc.

    PLTR – Palantir

  • Yolo’d my 401k inheritance, my wife’s 401k and savings on a retirement plan PLTR Score: 4417
  • BlackRock reports 71% decrease in ownership of PLTR Score: 1717
  • $PLTR is either going down more or sideways for a long long time Score: 253
  • VET – Vermilion Energy Inc.

    WIN – Windstream Corporation

    TRX – Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corp.

    SPY – SPDR S&P 500

    LTC – LTC Properties Inc.

    BCH – Banco de Chile

    RKT – Rocket Companies Inc.

  • Not a meme video, but still true to this day. We have all been there. Stock is down, for me, it’s RKT. But this is what I think of when panic selling happens. The rich don’t panic sell, that’s why they stay rich! “We’re panicking and Potter is buying!” Score: 1627
  • LMND – an over valued insurance stock pretending to be a tech stock? Score: 33
  • GGII – Green Globe International Inc

  • GGII for what seems to be an outstanding a great company Score: 15
  • FB – Facebook

    AAPL – Apple Inc.

    BAX – Baxter International Inc.

    XVG – Lehman ABS Corporation